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List of references about autovaccines , autogenous vaccines, and vaccine-therapy (human medicine)

versions 1.1 as of April 8th 2010 // edited by Dr. sc.hum. Oliver NOLTE
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preliminary list, only

Cope Z (1966): Almroth Wright - Founder of modern vaccine-therapy. (Part of the series: "British Men of Science", de Beer, G [gen. eds.]) Nelson Publishers
(The life of the man who developed what is now known as the autogenous vaccine. The following is cited from the covertext: This is a portrait of a genius; a man who directed all his efforts towards the finding of truth, and changed the whole development and application of modern medicine".)

Reiter H (1913): Vaccinetherapie und Vaccinediagnostik. Verlag von Ferdinand Enke, Stuttgart

Allen RW (1914): Die Vakzintherapie. Ihre Theorie und praktische Anwendung. Nach der vierten Auflage des Originals. Deutsch Herausgegeben von Krohn RES. Verlag von Theodor Steinkopff, Dresden und Leipzig

Dudgeon LS (1927): Bacterial vaccines and their position in therapeutics. London

Fleming A & Petrie GF (1934): Recent Advances in Vaccine and Serum Therapy. P. Blakiston's Son & Co. Inc. Philadelphia
(as a subtle irony of life, Alexander Fleming was not only the man who isolated penicillin and thereby introduced antibiotics into medicine which was the end of vaccine therapy. Fleming was also the student of Wright, the founder of vaccine therapy).

Parke, Davis & Company (1935): Vaccine & Serum Therapy. London

Benedek T (1957): Hidradenitis suppurativa; its etiology, pathogenesis and specific vaccine therapy. Stockholm

Book-Chapter only:

Moss ES & McQuown ALAtlas of Medical Mycology, Chapter 21 'Immunology' (pp. 203-204). Williams & Wilkins Co. , Baltimore 1953
(a short chapter describing how to produce isolate specific autogenous vaccines for vaccine therapy in the treatment of fungal infections).

Journal articles:

last update: April 8th 2010

[References are from the Quartely Cumulative Index Medicus, from MedLine, and from different searches of the WWW. In the 1983 Quarterly Cumulative Index Medicus, "Vaccine Therapy" disappears w/out reference elsewhere]. A number of references are secondary references which were taken from books, etc. Secondary references are given mostly without the title but with the cited subject in square brackets. Only a few of the following citations are available through MedLine or Google Scholar (http://scholar.google.com). The author of this website appreciates any comment on specific citations and any new citation which is not available in the list below.

  1. Wright AE (1903): On therapeutic inoculations of bacterial vaccines, and their practical exploitation in the treatment of disease. Brit. Med. Journal London 1903, 1069 1074.
    (this is the first publication about the use of the so-called vaccine therapy, now known as autovaccine or autogenous vaccine)
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